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Approved By Government Of India Ministry Of Labour

New UAE Labour Rule: Contract Must Be In Native Language of Worker
New UAE Labour Rule

New UAE Labour Rule: Contract Must Be In Native Language of Worker

New UAE Labour Rule

New UAE labour rules to be effective from New Year

The three new labour rules, effective from the New Year, are in line with the Constitution and International Labour Standards, said Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Labour and Chairman of National Qualifications Authority (NQA).

Labour Contract

The first rule states the employer is obliged to provide foreign workers employment contracts, which details the rights of both the parties in the native language of the recruit. When recruiting people from abroad, the resolution stipulates that the employer must give the new recruit – who is abroad - an offer letter comprising details of the job. As per the Ministry of Labour decision, the offer letter should detail the rights and duties of both the employee and employer. The resolution also emphasises that the employment contract must be offered in the native language of the employee, so as to ensure the person understands the terms mentioned in the contract.

“The work contracts will be in the local language of the worker so they understand all the terms and conditions,” Major-General Obaid Muhari bin Suroor, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate General of Residency and Affairs in Dubai, confirmed to Emirates 24|7. “This will help the worker understand their rights and duties towards their organization,” he added. Also, request for issuing work permits for foreign workers must be accompanied by the employment contract that is duly signed by both the parties.

Only, if both the employer and the employee have signed the contract will it be officially registered with the Ministry as a legal contract. And once the contract is registered, amendments can be made only with the consent of both the parties and after the Ministry approval. These rules also apply to people recruited from within the UAE. Ghobash put the resolutions recently to over 300 ministry employees and legal scholars to review and provide feedback.


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